Surprising Facts about McDonald’s

Who does know McDonald’s? It is the most popular fast food restaurant chain worldwide! Everyone is lovin’ it! Burgers, fries, chickens with its soft drinks probably can bring you delightful experience. But, there are more things that you may have not found about this restaurant. Well, you can keep on reading this to find what facts are quite surprising to know from McDonald’s.

Even you may often visit this fast-food restaurant, you may not know some facts about McDonald’s. For instance, you may be surprised if you know that McDonald’s did not specialize in the burger in the beginning. This restaurant is a BBQ drive-in store. But, year by year, McDonald’s is popular for its signature burger, Big Mac. If you are curious about this fast-food restaurant, let’s check out some interesting facts below.



  1. McDonald’s used to be a BBQ Drive-In.

In 1940, Maurice McDonald and Richard McDonald opened their first restaurant as McDonald’s Bar-B-Que. Of course, the main dishes of this restaurant were barbeques even though they also serve other menu items. The location was at West 14th and 1398 North E Streets in San Bernardino, California. The original concept of this BBQ restaurant was drive-in.

  1. Hamburgers brought the success.

Maurice and Richard decided to close the carhop drive-in in October 1948. They wanted to focus on the simple menu only as they noticed that their hamburgers were more successful than the barbeque. It took 3 months from them to finally reopen the restaurant as a hamburger stand. Then, it started to go as McDonald’s in December 1948.

  1. Apple pie was one of the first menus at McDonald’s

It is true that hamburgers had become the star at McDonald’s since the reopening time. However, this restaurant also served other menu items, such as cheeseburgers, apple pie, potato chips, soft drinks, and coffee. However, McDonald’s erased the apple pie and potato chips a year later. Then, it offered new menu items, like a milkshake and French fries.

  1. The first franchise was in Phoenix.

As McDonald’s was getting successful, Maurice and Richard brought a franchise concept to this restaurant. Neil Fox, a distributor for General Petroleum Corporation, was the first franchisee of McDonald’s. in 1953, Fox opened the first McDonald’s franchise location at 4050 North Central Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona.

  1. Golden Arches logo has been the most popular symbol in the world.

They named the McDonald’s logo as Golden Arches. Richard McDonald’s drew this logo that resembled “M” for McDonald’s. the yellow color of this logo was supposed to attract people’s attention. he got inspired by the design of Stanley Clark Meston. He was the architect that McDonald’s hired to design the first McDonald’s franchised unit. McDonald’s launched this logo in 1968. Along with the successful journey of McDonald’s, the Golden Arches logo is getting popular as well.

  1. Ronald McDonald made its popularity.

The clown character used as McDonald’s mascot was named Ronald McDonald. the first time he showed up on TV commercials was in 1963. Today, there are 300 clowns working full time as Ronald McDonald at several restaurants. Their tasks are to bring happiness at McDonald’s regular events and visit children in hospitals. Moreover, Ronald McDonald Houses near certain hospitals are also available for parents who want to stay overnight for accompanying their sick children.

  1. The first Drive-thru was in Sierra Vista.

It was in 1975 when McDonald’s introduced its first drive-thru concept. McDonald’s location in Sierra Vista, Arizona was near to Fort Huachuca. It was a military installation that was not too far from McDonald’s Sierra Vista. as military members are not permissible to get out of their vehicles when they were wearing fatigues, McDonald’s finally open a drive-thru service. This way, military members could just place their orders through a window.

  1. McDonald’s was an investor of Chipotle

McDonald’s bought Chipotle’s stake in 1988. This Mexican restaurant only had 16 locations at the time. Chipotle has been successful to develop into 500 locations after McDonald’s got 90% of the stake of Chipotle. But, their partnership was done in 2006 as McDonald’s was eager to focus on its own company.

  1. The healthiest foods at McDonald’s

To find healthy foods at a fast food restaurant can be quite tricky at times. However, there are always good choices to make, right? If you visit McDonald’s and want something healthy, you can order Fruit ‘N Yogurts parfait. This item is creamy low-fat yogurt combined with blueberries, strawberries, and crunchy granola topping. It only has 150 calories, 2 grams of low fat, 30 grams of carbs, and 4 gram of protein. Besides, you may add Side Salad to make it healthier. The side salad just contains 15 calories, 3 grams of carbs, 1 gram of protein, and 0 fat.

  1. The unhealthiest food at McDonald’s

As a fast food restaurant, we cannot deny that McDonald’s menu items can be unhealthy for us. so, if you want to stay away from the unhealthiest menu option at McDonald’s, do not try to have Big Breakfast with Hotcakes. This menu item consists of biscuit, sausage, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and hotcakes. What a tasty choice! With those kinds of foods, you can get 1350 calories, 2500 milligrams of sodium, 155 grams of carbs, 65 grams of fat, and 35 grams of protein. The amounts are enough to cover the whole nutrition you need from your breakfast, lunch, and dinner at once.

  1. A state capital in the U.S. without McDonald’s

As the home for McDonald’s, it is very surprising to find out that there is a state capital which does not have McDonald’s. Well, the fact is that you will not be able to find any McDonald’s location in Montpelier. While the rest 49 states really welcome McDonald’s to be in their area, this capital of Vermont has done the opposite. Montpelier is a city which really supports local business. Besides, the city area is not so large. Thus, it has only 7500 people living there.

  1. Countries without McDonald’s

Despite its fame, it is quite interesting that not all countries in this world agree to permit McDonald’s to have its branches in their territories. For some reasons, several countries have decided to ban McDonald’s. so, you do not have to be surprised if you cannot find any McDonald’s location in some countries, such as Iran, Bermuda, Montenegro, Bolivia, Yemen, Macedonia, Zimbabwe, North Korea, and Iceland.

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