Revealing Some Facts about Domino’s Pizza

Are you a fan of pizza? If you like pizza, of course, you know Domino’s Pizza Restaurant. The restaurant makes pizza as a special menu there. Then they are the second most popular pizza restaurant in the world. There you can enjoy pizza with a variety of toppings. The topping that you can’t forget is mozzarella cheese. Almost all of this cheese pizza. So you can buy pizza by visiting restaurants or ordering online. You can enjoy pizza in a restaurant or your own home. Year after year they make other new pizza recipes. So, until now they can compete with other pizza restaurants.

Before we discuss the facts of a restaurant, let’s look at the history first. well guys, maybe you don’t know about the history of pizza. There is no definite story here about pizza. So there are various versions of this food history. So pizza comes from the word pizzicare which comes from Ancient Italian. The term means “picking”. So pizza means picking quickly from the oven. Then the deliciousness of pizza can make King Ferdinand I fall in love. He was willing to disguise himself as a commoner to get pizza. Because at that time the queen banned pizza from entering the royal area. Then in 1720 pizza was famous as food for the poor. Furthermore, pizza became more popular in the 18th century. There are two types of pizza in Italy. First, northern Italian pizza. They have pizza with various toppings. Second, southern Italian pizza. They make pizza with emphasis on flavor and seasoning.

domino's pizza

domino’s pizza

Interesting Facts from Domino’s Pizza Restaurant.

We have discussed the history of pizza. Next, we will discuss the facts about pizza restaurants. Write important information from our prices. Maybe you need it when giving feedback on restaurants. If you are a fan of this restaurant, you should read our review. So you will be more in love with pizza from Domino’s Pizza.

  1. History of Domino’s Pizza Restaurant.

So this restaurant was founded in 1960. At first, they were a small pizza restaurant. Then they had 200 outlets in 1978. Every year they try to open new outlets. So they are able to increase the profit of selling this pizza. Therefore, they currently have more than 15,300 stores. So you don’t need to doubt the quality of their pizza. they are always committed to providing good service and delicious pizza.

So there are two founding figures Domino’s Pizza Restaurant. They are Tom Monaghan and James. At first, they bought a pizza shop called Dominick’s with an initial capital of 900 Dollars. Then in 1993, they made an interesting program for consumers. In 1993 they made a 30-minute guarantee program. Unfortunately, they deleted the program. Then they give a full guarantee to the customer. The restaurant will return money or re-make your pizza. so they will return your money if you are not satisfied.

  1. Facts about Domino’s Pizza Products.
  • The restaurant makes a new menu to give satisfaction to visitors. In 2008 they made a new menu. So this restaurant has the same way to maintain their quality. Since 2008 most of the menus at Domino’s Pizza are new menus.
  • If you want to find out the most popular pizza, the answer is pepperoni. This pizza is very popular in the United States. They serve pepperoni pizza with sausage or mushroom toppings.
  • So Domino’s Pizza doesn’t only sell pizza, they make breadstick menus since 1992. So this menu is the first national nonpizza menu here.
  1. Facts about Domino’s Pizza shops.
  • Then they opened a franchise restaurant in the United States. and now they have 800 independent franchises. Then the franchisor was a driver or pizza maker.
  • You can order pizza online. So the clerk will send pizza to the doorstep of your house. Every week they traveled 12 miles to send orders in the United States.
  1. Facts about Domino’s Pizza International.
  • Amazingly, they are able to sell 2 million pizzas every day to you all over the world.
  • Then in 2017, they managed to earn as much as 12,2 billion dollars.
  • Then they have 15,300 outlets with more than 400,000 employees.
  1. Facts on transaction activities at Domino’s Pizza Restaurant.

So at special moments usually restaurants receive more orders. Just like other restaurants, Domino’s gets the most orders on New Year’s Eve.

  1. Domino’s Pizza Online Order.

Well, guys, this restaurant uses the internet to increase sales of their products. Now you don’t need to come to a restaurant to buy food. They can deliver food to your home. Domino’s Pizza has an online ordering system. Currently, 60% of their income comes from online sales. In 2015 Domino’s Pizza launched an application for smartphones. So you can download this application through the App Store and Google Play.

  1. Domino’s Pizza opened Outlets in Italy in 2015.

After knowing the history of pizza, of course, you know the country of origin of this food. Yes right, pizza comes from Italy. But Domino’s Pizza just opened an outlet in Italy in 2015. Very interesting fact.

  1. The popular guarantee of Domino’s is “30-minute guarantee.

In 1993 they made an interesting program for consumers. You can receive orders within 30 minutes. But the program made their employees have an accident. Because employees try to deliver food on time.

We have discussed the history of pizza and the facts of the restaurant. Now your basic knowledge of restaurants is increasing. So you don’t need to hesitate to buy pizza from Domino’s Pizza Restaurant. They provide full assurance to you. Don’t be afraid to give feedback to restaurants. Thus they can correct the lack of restaurants. In addition, Domino’s has a guest satisfaction survey. You can take part in this online survey to voice up your feedback. Then, to thank your participation, Domino’s will give you a reward such as Domino’s coupon. If you want to check the Domino’s survey guideline, you can visit In this portal, you also can find out other interesting articles about survey.