Call Center Training

Titan call center training takes many forms. The participants can be trained in a classroom setting, by observing other participants on the call center floor, or by monitoring calls from a remote location. A more prevalent form of call center training is computer based training (CBT). Computer based training aims at maximizing the effectiveness of the training experience. Call center training also equips the participants with the basic skills of communication.

Call center training aims to build relationship and find out solutions for grievances. It teaches you how to listen, clarify, explain, and manage conversational flow. It also helps to handle complaints, manage upset customers, redress grievances, and hold negotiations in challenging situations. Call center training helps to avoid misunderstandings, pacify customers and soothe situations. Call center training enables you to please all customers in any situation. Call center training can be helpful for agents as well as managers and front line staff.

Call center training enables you to answer phone calls from a number of different companies. Some call center training courses teach you how to keep a professional appearance, how to earn the customer’s trust, how to establish credibility and demonstrate sympathy, how to use telephone skills including questioning, listening, responding and voice modulation, how telephone communication differs from talking face-to-face, how to maximize time spent on the phone, how to perform effectively under pressure, how to establish and meet individual goals, how to probe for information from callers (even from confused callers) and how to ensure that your customer’s needs are met.

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