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The history behind Casey's Safety Nest

co-founder Mary Essary's story

The story behind Casey's nest is a simple one. I have always been an
animal lover. As a child growing up, I was the sort that always brought home the stray dog or injured bird.

I truly do not recall ever living in a house without at least 3 or 4 animals, most of which were strays or injured animals that needed a loving home. Things didn't change as I grew older. I think over the years friends and family alike knew to call on Mary when an animal needed rescuing.

Thankfully, my husband and children are blessed with the animal lover gene as well. One laid back afternoon my husband and I were out shopping.
We decided to go into a pet store. Little did we know that day, life as we knew it had just come to an end.

Her name was Maggie. She was an orange-winged amazon. She was a dirty, skinny, sickly creature. She bit me, she squawked at me, she ran from me.

She did everything she could to try to get this crazy red-headed "customer" to either go away or give her some junk food.

She wasn't exactly the most pleasant creature on earth.

I didn't see any of that! I saw the most beautiful green creature on earth. I saw eyes that looked so deeply into mine that I couldn't turn away.

Weeks, and many visits, later Maggie came home with us. It was the day before Thanksgiving. By now I had researched as much I could possibly get my hands on about orange winged amazons.

I knew she was probably skinny, so I tried to "fatten" her up. A couple of days later, Maggie and I made our first trip to an avian vet.