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Welcome to Casey's Safety Nest Inc.
a 501(c)3 not for profit corporation

We provide a bird rescue program, adoption and foster services, and education to help keep the bond between bird and human to everyone's benefit.

We are a non profit organization dedicated to pet bird rescue and adoption. We get no government funding of any kind. We rely completely on personal donations and volunteers to keep our organization running smoothly and successfully, all monies go back into the rescue and care of our fosters.

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We have a lot of birds available for adoption right now and encourage people to fill out an application if you are interested in fostering or adopting


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WHY we don't list our birds here:

A lot of people ask us why we don't list the birds we have for adoption on our website. We understand this question and would like to try to answer it for you. Unfortunately, in this world, there are too many unscrupulous people who would like to make a profit from breeding birds.

We take each bird individually, and try to choose their forever home. By not listing what "type" of birds they are, we are able to successfully eliminate a lot of these people who will simply choose an "easier" avenue.

This is why we ask potential adopters to fill out an application and let us know what they want in their future family member. It only cost the price of a stamp to send us an application. We feel that is a small price to pay to keep our birds from falling into the hands of breeders etc.

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 A Very Special and wonderful story!!

A few years ago, we were contacted by a gentleman and his wife regarding two Cockatoos. One was a Moluccan and the other was an Umbrella. The Moluccann was a plucker and when we place him with his foster he grabbed the fosters heart and is now adopted. He goes on outings with his new family and is treated like a king.

But, this story isn't about him. It is about his friend the Umbrella. Her name is Katie. When we picked her up, we knew we had a special bird. She loves everyone and everyone loves Katie. She became the Nest's mascot because she is so easy to handle and loves the attention she gets when we go to different shows. What we didn't know was that she is also a very good teacher and nurser.

As you know, we get a lot of "troubled" birds being a rescue. Sometimes human contact and love just isn't enough to help these birds. That is when Katie comes to the rescue.

We have another Moluccan in the nest that plucks so bad she actually mutilates herself in spots. When we introduced her to Katie it was amazing. Katie taught her how to preen gently, and not to chew herself. This Moluccan is still wearing a shirt to cover the itchy spots she already had, but we have not seen any sign of new plucking or chewing.

We have an *Amazon that would not accept any human contact or even come out of his cage. He is an older bird and we weren't sure he would ever learn a different behaviour. Along comes Katie. After a few months with this Amazon, Katie has coaxed him out of his cage onto a play stand with her. She has taught him that all humans aren't bad and being a bird can be fun. This Amazon is rarely in his cage except at bed time, will step up on a covered arm (skin still scares him), and has sat on a shoulder for a short time. He loves to be hand fed and will say "Wanna eat" when he sees you with food.

This is just a couple of the birds Katie has taken under her wing. She doesn't care what type of bird it is, what their temperament is, or how big they are. Katie has become the Nest's therapy bird and we thank God everyday that we came upon her.

* It is with much sadness I have to report that Coco the Amazon referred to in 2 paragraphs above passed away yesterday, the years of poor diet and neglect before he joined us, finally caught up with him, what gives us hope is that thanks to Katie he learned what love was and he was happy.

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